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At Communicoms Media Group Limited, our mission is to create and manage a network of more than 300 media platforms that disrupts and reshapes the media and journalism landscape.

Besides our desire to be one of the biggest, most dominant, respected, and trusted media company in the UK, we also want to use all our assets to address systemic inequalities and the shortage of entry level career opportunities for those from disadvantaged backgrounds and ethnic minority communities.

Since our incorporation in July 2015 and despite the pandemic, we were able to secure our first public sector contract, increase the number assets under our management, created career pathway opportunities for almost 100 people, created more than 150 key strategic partnership and business relationships in the public and private sectors (central and local government, education, and media), and turnover more than £250,000.

In the next three years, we intend to scale up significantly and increase our commercial capabilities by:


  • Creating 60 new online community TV channels and online radio stations

  • Growing our reach through significant investment in marketing 

To achieve these, we are looking for an investment of £250,000 for a 9% stake in the company.


If you are interested in investing in us, please fill and submit the Expression of Interest form below and we will contact you shortly.

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We are a growing company with loads of potential and are looking for investors who are interested in helping us achieve our goals. If you like what we do and are interested, you can have a look at our

email: for more information.

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